With almost 30 years working in the aquaculture sector in different countries such as Saudi Arabia, Chile, New Zealand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia with different fish species like Salmon, Barramundi and Tilapia have given the knowledge and experience in:

  • Competency in business planning;
  • Fish-farming production and operations;
  • Offshore Farming;
  • Live fish transport;
  • Understanding of production methods, techniques, and technology to apply them in real-life situations;
  • Others.

The services

  • Project Development;
  • Operations Start-Up;
  • Production, Operation, and Harvest Improvement Projects;
  • Farming Practices Evaluation, Facilitation, and Coordination;
  • Equipment and Technology Procurement Advise.

Why to choose AqTS?

  • Deep knowledge of aquaculture business;
  • Experience working on the field in different operations worldwide;
  • Experience working with different fish species;
  • Extensive international network in different areas of the aquaculture business;
  • An international network of experienced professionals that will help to fulfill the needs of your project or requirements.